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Got a smartphone?

Then you can use it to transmit your location to TaxiCall.

With the Tracker App, you click to log in and TaxiCall will know where you are.

When a customer phones, TaxiCall uses drivers' locations in deciding where to route the call.

How does it work?

  • Tracker for TaxiCall is a smartphone web app for drivers that locates your cab using your phone's inbuilt GPRS.
  • Calls from passengers using the TaxiCall App are located automatically.
  • Drivers in your virtual circuit register where other passengers are calling from and soon build up a database of regular customer locations.
  • TaxiCall routes the passenger call to the nearest driver in your circuit.

Why use Tracker for your group?

Here are some good reasons:

    tickCut down your group's run-in distance
    tickSave fuel - save money
    tickGet drivers to passengers faster
    tickNo new equipment to buy or lease
    tickQuick and easy to set up
    tickSimple to use - no training required.
    tickOnline screen shows position of all logged-in drivers in real time.

Free and easy to get started

We're currently providing Tracker for TaxiCall free to existing groups.

To get help on how to install and start using Tracker, just contact the team on 01223 858 858 /

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